Six Month Smiles

6 Month Smiles in Marlborough


Now, more than ever, dental patients are concerned about issues involving the appearance of their smiles. At Dental Associates of Marlborough, we offer Six Month Smiles® as an innovative braces system for patients interested in solutions to orthodontic problems. Our Marlborough dentist provides Six Month Smiles® for adults who want to avoid the silver metal appliances of regular braces.

Six Month Smiles® is made up of shape-memory wires that are engineered to provide effective results. This orthodontic system restores confidence in your smile without metal brackets or altering healthy teeth structures.

Benefits of Six Month Smiles®

Six Month Smiles® is a system of clear, cosmetic braces that use low force to gently move teeth. Though they are less noticeable than silver braces, treatment is still based on standard orthodontic mechanics. Most patients experience accelerated treatment with these braces. Final results are apparent quickly, compared to traditional braces or aligner solutions.  Additional benefits of Six Month Smiles® include:

  • White brackets and wires
  • Treatment in half the time
  • Predictable results
  • Correction of common alignment problems

Unlike standard metal braces, these clear braces focus on minor to moderate issues of overcrowding or gaps between teeth. This specific approach also helps reduce the amount of time patients spend in treatment.  

6 Month Smiles® Treatment in Marlborough

At an initial consultation, Dr. Sanjiv Nehra determines whether you are a candidate. Once you have decided to move forward with treatment, our dentist takes impressions of your smile that are sent to the Six Month Smiles® laboratory. Experienced lab technicians create custom-fit appliances which are sent back to our office in two weeks. When these are available, we schedule an appointment where your braces are applied.

In order to adjust braces and advance the straightening process, monthly visits are required. Depending on your specific treatment plan, you can have a new smile between six to nine months after treatment begins. When clear braces are ready to be removed, our dentist discusses how to maintain results by using a retainer.

Contact our Dental Office for Six Month Smiles®

You can achieve a straighter smile in half a year with Six Month Smiles® clear braces at Dental Associates of Marlborough. For more information about Six Month Smiles®, contact our dental practice today