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Dental Associates of Marlborough will be collecting
food for the Marlborough Food Pantry during the month of December. Please feel free to bring your donations when you come for your dental appointment or anytime Monday through Friday from 9-4pm. The food pantry has informed us that the greatest needs are:
peanut butter
prepared foods:
-canned ravioli
-mac + cheese
-hamburger helper
Canned fruits
Canned protein:
Bakery items
-cake mixes
-quick breads
We will bring the goods to the pantry each week! Please join us as
You feel led to help those in need around us!





Hello Friends,

Wondering what you’re going to do with all that Halloween candy?  Dr. Nehra and the staff have teamed up with Operation Gratitude to collect candy to send a sweet treat in care packages to our deployed U.S. service members.  On November 1, 2013 from 4:00-6:30pm we will give each child $1.00 per pound (up to 5 pounds per child accompanied by an adult) for their Halloween Candy.

Dental decay is the leading childhood disease in this country!!  Excess sugar in the diet is the primary cause of dental decay as well as other health problems. 
Kids can still have fun trick-or-treating, and benefit their piggy banks and support our troops!
Visiting the dentist twice a year and brushing and flossing daily are great preventive measures, but doing away with excess sweets altogether would really give your teeth a healthy boost!  Of course, we know the kids will want some candy, so here are some tips for limiting the damage to the teeth.

-Limit eating sweets to after meals. Increased saliva production while eating helps   wash away the damaging acid that sweets create that eat away at the tooth enamel.  Brushing after meals also reduces the acid and cleans away any bits of sweets in the grooves of the teeth.
-If brushing and flossing are not possible, swishing with some water will help reduce the effects of the acid on the enamel of the teeth.
-Try to avoid more chewy types of candy that do tend to stick in the teeth.
-Avoid hard candies or very stiff chewy candy that can break teeth and braces.
-Enjoy some candy, but be kind to your teeth!

Please call the office for more information.  We will collect the candy here at the office and forward it to Operation Gratitude.  You can find more information about Operation Gratitude and Halloween Candy Buy Back at these websites: and  You can also find our information on the Buy Back’s website.
            HAPPY HALLOWEEN from
Dental Associates of Marlborough!!!!







Marlborough, MA Family Dentistry - Community Events - Dental Associates of Marlborough

The team at Dental Associates of Marlborough is dedicated to giving back to our community. With that in mind, we often let the public know about various community events and volunteer projects that we will be involved in from time to time. On this page, we have provided useful information that should help you learn more about family and cosmetic dentistry provided by our team.




Dr. Sanjiv Nehra and Dr. Dennis Ahern will be hosting the THIRD ANNUAL FREE Clinic for kids in the area who are in need of dental care and have no access to it. The clinic will be held at the office on Saturday May 5, 2012 from 9am to 4pm. All patients will be seen on appointment basis. Please call the office to schedule an appointment at 508-485-1800.

Lookout for a day of fun filled activities for the kids along with food and refreshments for the adults.  It is giving back to the community Dental Associates-style!!!

Help us spread the word....



Dr. Nehra and Dr. Ahern, along with members of the staff hosted Dental Associates of Marlborough's First Community Dental Clinic on April 17th, where FREE dental care, education, and awareness was provided to children in the community with no dental insurance. 

The staff and doctors saw about 40 kids and provided free cleanings, sealants, restorative fillings, and x-rays.  Along with emphasizing the importance of good dental hygience, entertainment was also arranged.  There was a clown on the premises doing face painting and balloons.  Refreshments and lunch was also provided for parents waiting for their kids. 

The local TV Station, Marlborough This Week, featured a glimpse into the action!!

To check out more pictures and press from the above event click here


Dr. Sanjiv Nehra and his staff visited various preschool and day care facilities to educate preschoolers and kindergarteners about why their teeth are important and how to keep them healthy.  The class learned about the importance of keeping their teeth clean through daily brushing and flossing.  They also learned that is important to eat healthy foods and visit their dentist regularly. 

The kids received a take away bag that included games and puzzles that helped reinforce the importance of good dental health and nutrition. 

The presentation was a huge hit with all the kids!! They loved the hands-on brushing with Dudley and Dino, and the Giant Toothbrush was also a huge hit!!

The following are the schools and Day Care Centers visited by Dr. Nehra and staff:      

Meadowbrook Child Garden, Marlborough MA February 2012

NexGen Children's Center, Marlborough MA February 2012

Kane Elementary, Marlborough MA March 2012

Marlborough Middle School, Marlborough MA February 2012

Marlborough Kinder Care, Marlborough MA February 2012

Immaculate Conception, Marlborough, MA February 2012

To check out pictures from the visits to the above centers, please click Pictures.